paper tiger.

a partly true story

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Fandom: Sociology (praxis: race[ism]+ethnicity, nationalism, genocide); Collegiate Endeavors; Smatterings of History; Assassin's Creed; Avengers ♥ Captain America; Soldier Side © Phobs; Sherlock (BBC).

afghanistan, antifa, armenia, backyard paranormal activity, ballet all the time, bollywood, cartography, cryptozoology, flash mobs, hunting space invader mosaics, ice of glory, ingmar bergman is infallible, interpol's on it, is anywhere safe?, magical realism, marching forward to socialism, moldova, mythologized academic environments, naga and garuda, namibia, not television, over-read under-slept, palestinian liberation, r-u-n-n-o-f-t, romani, seasonal rituals, sociology always and forever, steppes, studysheep, ta phrom, the accordion, the bad hat, the sheriff of london, uzbekistan, working for the kgb