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le cygne

Happy Valentine's Day!! ♥ Happy, happy, happy Valentine's Day. Trust that love exists, despite its failures.

I'm going to be out for a long while today/tonight, but I will respond to people's memes and the like (and tags, tags, tags) when I get back -- as well as that RP app, er.

I posted this to one of those Hetalia memes, but I ought to stick it here for posterity's sake.


"We're outside for five minutes and you look like a lobster, goddamn," Turkey grins around with a cigarette, safely under the shade of the open hood of a Mercedes.

Germany bristles. "I'm not paying you for your observations." Then, urgent: "Don't smoke so close to the engine!"

Turkey takes a defiant puff; smiles; dives into work. Radiator, brake fluid, an hour of dirty businesses later and Germany watches Turkey lean back on his heels, the oil coating his arms like an expression of joy.

The car works flawlessly.

An hour later, Turkey and said car have gone missing. Of course.
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