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and another thing!

Translations on their way, I swear! I'm working slowly on them. Harder than I thought, actually, wtf. The scene with Squalo is first, and that can't be too hard. I thought I'd post this... two page fic I wrote on the plane home. It was actually for the challenge that I really need to set up on this journal -- the table and stuff. (Jet lag + late hour = a little unintelligible right now, sorry XD)

So -- it was short for a reason. I wanted to do more on the actual killing, but I was attempting to write something concise for once. XDD Maybe I'll go back to it and add it to the long fic I had half-finished. The long fic is a compilation, and I feel really presumptuous talking about the actual writing process, BUT --

When I was on the plane, I was reading an article in a literary/essay magazine, and it was this lady author talking -- and I had to take out my notebook and actually take notes in my own words on what she said, it was just so amazing, the ideas she gave me. XD And so I wrote Reborn/Lambo scene, a Squalo/Dino scene, a Mukuro/Tsuna scene -- some really crappy and drafty, but something nonetheless. That change of direction's making my longer fic take a while. D: Lame.

Regardless. I wrote this one, and this is the one I'll share for now, because I knew no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't fit with the longer fic -- more with the challenge. That and I love how wonderfully conflicted and stinging this pairing is, while at the same time being comforting. Like a crumbling, beautiful castle. Hibari's such an antithesis, and Dino's so warm but able. OR SOMETHING, I'M HALF-ASLEEP, OKAY. SO HERE IT IS. It's really short. :D Like three minutes of reading.

Title: Hit the Ground Running
Pairing: Dino/Hibari
Rating: PG (there's blood)
Summary: Trying to bring back the gritty element to the mafia while taking a small liberty with Hibari that would explain a lot of things about him, actually. Very short, not looked over.

caught red-handed .Collapse )

Right -- off to sleep or work, hahahahah. XD I'm eating really good cake.

ETA: WOAH. WOAH. .....I just had the trippiest Dino/Hibari dream in the world. It was like -- really disconcerting, almost. The ones where you wake up with a knot in your stomach. Wow. ....D:
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