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Fanfiction; Axis Powers Hetalia

(in a vague semblance of topical and/or chronological order.)

small sea story. 「Russia/China; Korea, Japan」
Transculturation 「China-Turkey」

Where WWI trailed off to. 「Germany/Turkey」
Öyküler 「Turkey, Greece」
your phone is off the hook 「Russia/Germany」
migrant worker; 100 words. 「Germany, Turkey」

crusades / youth / and maybe love 「Denmark/Sweden」
Aftermath of the Battle of Visby 「Denmark-Sweden, Estonia, Norway」
forward as can be; response to art by fayore 「Denmark-Sweden」
1519, in which Denmark is not the golden child. 「Denmark-Norway, Norway/Sweden, Denmark-Sweden」
Treaty of Frederiksborg, 1720 [excerpt] 「Denmark-Sweden, Nordics」

Somewhere outside Bergen, 1940. 「Germany-Finland」
9 April, 1940; Operation Weserübung, German invasion of Denmark + 1943's tail 「Germany-Denmark, Denmark/Sweden」
Bring me Sweet Dreams Tonight 「Norway-Iceland」

Fanfiction; Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The Halcyon Nostalgia of Snakecharming 「Belphegor/Chikusa」

Never Quite as Benign as Me 「Belphegor/Squalo」

Short and Too-Much-Sugar Sweet 「Dino-Romario」</td>
The Sheer Physicality of It Obliterates Anything 「Cavallone Famiglia」
Psalm 1:18 AM part 1 「Dino」
Psalm 1:18 AM part 2 「Dino」

Sobering Booksmart Devil 「Kokuyou」
ii. sylvia plath 「Kokuyou」

Denying a Nosebleed 「Dino/Gokudera」
Four Ways to Recover from Homesickness (or, The Courage of Shutting Up) 「Dino/Gokudera」

Mix of Words and Tricks 「Dino/Hibari」
Parade of Pronouns 「Dino/Hibari」
Hit the Ground Running 「Dino/Hibari」
In Our Bedroom After the War 「Dino/Hibari」

Don't Speak 'Cause Your Mind is Amazing 「Gamma/Spanner」

Because the Young Must Sleep with Their Eyes Open 「Hibari-Tsuna-Mukuro」</td>

Let's Discuss Our Tactics 「Mukuro/Dino」
iii. bocelli 「Mukuro/Dino」
Ambush in Reverse 「Mukuro/Dino」

That Rare, Random Descent 「Mukuro/Hibari」
Whose Cloudy Voice Calls You Wherever 「Mukuro/Hibari」
vi. taste 「Mukuro/Hibari」
A Slice of Cake in Terra Nullius 「Mukuro/Hibari」

Where Everybody Gets What They Want 「Mukuro/Lanchia」
Padma Kunjara 「Mukuro/Lanchia」

Province of a Million Empty Branches 「Mukuro/Tsuna」
Make Up Your Own Story 「Mukuro/Tsuna」

Aim Free, Aim Untrue 「Reborn/Lambo」
Music Doesn't Come from Windows 「Reborn/Lambo」

Hear This Line Often Enough 「Ryohei/Colonnello」

& skirt full of thorns: love 「Shamal/Dino」

Long, Long Time Ago 「Shamal/Dino」
On Turning Ten 「Shamal/Dino」
Don't Remember the Lyrics to This One 「Shamal/Dino」

Straw Kite on a Windless Day 「Squalo/Dino」
37.0°C 「Squalo/Dino」
The Balcony Scene 「Squalo/Dino」
How to Kill 「Squalo/Dino」
The Visible World Explained in Ten-Second Essays 「Squalo/Dino」
In Which Your Pride and Joy Cries, Cowers, and Shows Its Mettle 「Squalo/Dino」
Sa Te Vada Toti Tziganii 「Squalo/Dino」
Altruism is for Those who Can't Endure Their Desires 「Squalo/Dino」
A Folksong for This Moment Begins with This Word 「Squalo/Dino」
Psalm 1:18 AM part 1 「Squalo/Dino」
Psalm 1:18 AM part 2 「Squalo/Dino」

Conspiracy of Cartographers 「Xanxus/Tsuna」

Illuminating Realization Number One 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
Secrecy Culture 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
Drop Your Weapon 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
[TYL!] Play the Victim Card 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
Errant Part of Town 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
Five Ways Yamamoto Almost Confessed his Love to Gokudera 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」
i. a bad rendition of 'rocketman' 「Yamamoto/Gokudera」

Alive is Very Poetic 「Yamamoto」

Fanfiction; Baccano!

Firo Enjoys Tiptoeing Through Sensationalist Newspapers 「Luck/Firo」

Family Reunion Brawl or Six Ways Everyone is Something to Someone 「Clare/Ladd; Graham/Ladd; Luck/Firo; others」

A Filled-In Gap 「Maiza/Lonnie」

here is the part where everyone was happy all the time 「Elmer/Huey」
a conversation and little more 「Elmer/Huey」

Fanfiction; miscellaneous.

Ghost Hound; Makoto/Masayuki
Chronicles of Narnia movie; Caspian-Peter
Nabari no Ou; Yoite-Miharu
Catch-22; Yossarian/Ex-PFC Wintergreen

writing; elucidation practice

what do you read 「elucidation」
this is for memory 「prose poetry」
Hawaii's ghost stories pt. 1 「history」
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